You and a friend race each other. You give your friend a 50-foot head start. The distance y (in feet) your friend runs after x seconds is represented by the linear function y=14x+50 . The table shows the distances you run.Time (seconds) x : 2, 4, 6, 8Distinct (feet) y : 38, 76, 114, 152A. what is the rate per second.B. Write a linear function that relates your distance to the number of seconds. In the same coordinate plane, graph the linear functions that represent the distances of you and your friend.

Accepted Solution

A) what is the rate per second

From the table Δy / Δx = 38/2 which is 19
The equation for me will thus be y=19x + 0
the equation for my friend is given as y = 14x + 50
The rate per second for me is 19 ft/sec and my friend's is 14 ft/sec.

B) the linear equations for this question are y = 19x for me and y= 14x + 50 for my friend.