Jason paid $15.50 for 3 slices of pizza and 2 burgers. Susan paid $20 for 1 slice of pizza and 4 burgers. Write a system of equation and then determine the cost of each slice of pizza and the cost of each burger. (Do NOT give me the equation as your answer. ONLY the cost)

Accepted Solution

Answer:Each slice of pizza cost $2.2 and each burger cost $4.45Step-by-step explanation:Letx -----> the cost of one slice of pizzay ----> the cost of one burgerwe know thatJason[tex]3x+2y=15.50[/tex] -----> equation ASusan[tex]x+4y=20[/tex] -----> equation BSolve the system of equations by graphingRemember thatThe intersection point both graphs is the solution of the system of equationsThe solution is the point (2.2,4.45)see the attached figurethereforeEach slice of pizza cost $2.2 and each burger cost $4.45