Consider the table of values below. Calculate the associated growth/decay factor for the table of values provided.Time Value0 14.801 20.612 28.683 39.92Write your answer as a decimal, rounded to the nearest hundredth.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Q(t) = 14.8(1.392)t Explanation: Let us  consider a decay model defined as Q=abt, where t is the time, b is the rate, a is a constant and Q is the quantity at time t Now, at t=0 quantity = 14.8 Substituting t=0 in our model, 14.8=a Now, at t=1, quantity = 20.61 Substituting t=1 in our model, 20.61 = 14.8b1,So, b= 1.392 At t=2, Q = 14.8(1.392)2 = 28.66 which satisfies our table, at t=3, Q = 14.8(1.392)3 = 39.92 which again satisfies the table value